First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi

“Rust is the most toxic community” – Errbody

Rust doesn’t come with instructions and most people don’t have hundreds of hours to spend learning how to play a game full of toxic children. Therefore, normal people don’t play Rust. Instead it has edgy racist kids who cheat and scream at you through their microphone.

It doesn’t have to be!

Player retention has failed. Rust has sold around 20 million copies – but it has only 125,000 concurrent players to show for it.  I believe it’s because the new player experience is awful. I made Gonzo Rust to help:

    • Give new players the tools they need to learn Rust
    • Promote Rust content creators and server owners
    • Show people that Rust isn’t just Call of Fortnite: GOverwatch
    • Grow a community that vibes without the toxicity

Vibe together & Thrive together.

  • Cheaters have ambition but not the skills to match.  Zero tolerance for cheaters. There is a special place for them, but it’s not here.
  • Racism and bigotry are masks people put on to hide obvious insecurity.  Superiority in Rust is measured by savage plays and fancy AK skins.
  • Fair play and good sportsmanship are the driving force behind real competition. Adapt. Survive. Real gamers say GG.
  • We value high levels of skill and low levels of bullshit.  Don’t make the Admin work hard.  This isn’t a daycare.
  • Shitty toxic kids are not welcome. Persona non grata.  Period.
  • If Rust gets stale or boring, we can change it.  Speak your mind in Discord if you have some ideas.

We just want to have a chill place to murder each other. Is that what you want, too?

Fuck the bozos. They can play somewhere else.

The world is toxic enough. Video games should be an escape from that. So let’s play Rust different.

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