Circle of Rust

The Circle of Rust

We’re starting a circle. If you are trusted into the circle, you will receive 240 circles as universal basic income every month to be used within the circle. As circles grow and overlap all over the world, like how friends of friends work on Facebook, the idea is that eventually it would be accepted everywhere and because it’s given to everyone it’s something we can all use to transact with each other.

This gives an economy to our Rust community

What can we use them on? Whatever we want. As more and more people join our circle, we can transact using the circles.  We use them with each other.  That’s why trust is needed to verify.  I trust you’re a person and since we can only spend it within our circle, we can trust that we wont rip each other off.

Money isn’t real; people are real.  Money is just a measurement of wealth.  It’s like an inch or a meter and it measures the resources, energy, and problem solving ability of the people utilizing it for transactions with each other. Value is given to circles by the PEOPLE who use it with the other PEOPLE in the circle. We as people decide if something has value because we ARE the value added to the money.   What we provide to each other as goods and services lends the value to money.  The value is kept by the people who use it.  Get it?

Before being let into The Circle of Rust, you must be verified by 3 people already in the circle. This way we know it’s a real person we’re transacting with and it keeps the circles tight.

This could be stupid or revolutionary or somewhere in between

I think Rust needs a community of gamers with their own way to transact with each other… that sounds valuable to me.. Lets use our universal basic income circles in Rust. If you think so too, you’re welcome to be in my circle. We stick it to the man by sticking together.  Middle fingers up to conformity.  Let’s GO!


Say HI in voice chat so we can verify you are a human.  Don’t let any bots in the circle.