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Masterguide for Keybinds in Rust 2019 by Schaadt

Hi and welcome!

These keybinds are used and tested by myself on both modded and vanilla servers!

I will be updating this post if needed.

I decided to lock my keybinds file (keys.cfg), so chat commands will work flawlessly. This also makes it so I don’t have to rebind them upon launch.

Before you begin editing your keys.cfg, make a copy and put it on your desktop. This would serve as a backup in case something goes wrong.

You can find your keys.cfg here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rust\cfg

Right click on keys.cfg and press properties. Check the read only box, it should looks like this. (Mine is Danish)

Note: I am using Notepad++ to edit all my .cfg files.

Okay with that being said, every time you want to change, remove or add a keybind, you absolutely have to uncheck it, then edit and make sure it is checked before launching Rust again.

This also makes it a bit more tricky to add new binds, as if you add the keybinds through the console, it will restart once Rust is restarted.

Understanding the keybinds

bind q “+forward;+sprint”

The keybind is binded to q. Keep it or change it to any key you would like.

Everything inside the ” “ is the command. Adding a ; makes two or more commands able to be used with one key.

Adding the + makes it so the keybind is only activated while holding the button down.

bind y chat.say “Good Fight”\

Chat.say binds look a bit different. Here everything inside the ” “ is the message being sent in chat.

Swap out everything inside the ” “ and make it your own command or custom message.

They also have \ at the end. If removed the bind sometimes doesn’t work.

bind 7 “craft.add -2072273936”

Craft.add commands are really easy to do aswell. In this case it is binded to 7 and will craft a bandage.

The -2072273936 is the ID for a bandage.

You can find a list of IDs here. Just click on the item you want and copy the Identifier. Not all items have “-” infront.

My Vanilla-friendly Binds

These binds are useful and works on both vanilla and most modded servers.

  • bind q “forward;sprint” (Auto-Run use Shift + W to cancel)
  • bind b “attack;duck” (Auto-Mine use Leftclick + Ctrl to cancel)
  • bind c “duck” (Auto-Crouch use Ctrl to cancel)
  • bind 0 “forward;sprint;jump” (Auto-Swim use Space + Shift + W to cancel)
  • bind 6 “+slot6;+attack” (Auto apply bandage or medical syringe in slot 6)
  • bind 7 “craft.add -2072273936” (Auto-Craft bandage)

You can find the item ids on Rust Labs or on Corrosion Hour.

  • bind f4 “combatlog;consoletoggle” (Console opens with combatlog)
  • bind y chat.say “Good Fight”\ (Says Good Fight in the chat)
  • bind f5 “kill” (Kills you on the spot)
  • bind f6 “kill;respawn” (Kills you on the spot, then makes you respawn somewhere random instantly)
  • bind f8 “respawn_sleepingbag SleepingBagID” (Kills you on the spot and spawns you in a specific sleeping bag, find more info at the*)

*Replace SleepingBagID with your own bags ID. Hit the bag you want to find the ID of, once with a rock and type combatlog in the console. You should find something looking like this. I put the ID in a red rectangle, that is what you need to put instead of SleepingBagID in the bind.

Example: bind f8 “respawn_sleepingbag 6248474”

  • bind comma “ 1” (Normal Sound)
  • bind period “ 2.5” (Super Sound for listening to footsteps)
  • bind minus “ 0” (Voices Only)
  • bind keypad7 “fov.60” (Changes FOV to 60)
  • bind keypad8 “fov.90” (Changes FOV to 90)
  • bind mouse1 “+attack2;+lighttoggle” (When aiming, a flashlight or laser will turn on)
  • bind k “gc.buffer 2048;physics.steps 60;hitnotify.notification_level 2” (Reduces input lag, makes you just slightly higher and removes projectile_invalds**)

**Helk tweeted this. He states that you will not get a hitmarker unless it is valid, because it is sent directly from the server.

Use this bind only once per session.

Gestures – Vanilla-friendly

Who doesn’t want to do gestures? Works on vanilla.

  • bind keypad0 “gesture wave” (Does the wave gesture)
  • bind keypad1 “gesture victory” (Does the victory gesture)
  • bind keypad2 “gesture hurry” (Does the hurry gesture)
  • bind keypad3 “gesture thumbsup” (Does the thumbsup gesture)
  • bind keypad4 “gesture shrug” (Does the shrug gesture)
  • bind keypad5 “gesture chicken” (Does the chicken gesture)
  • bind keypad6 “gesture whoa” (Does the whoa gesture)

You can see the different ones here.

Note: I am using my numpad for this, if you don’t have a numpad then just switch out the keys.

Admin Commands – Vanilla-friendly

Useful commands if you have admin permissions. Works on vanilla.

  • bind f8 “debugcamera” (Debugcamera allows you to fly around outside your character)
  • bind j “noclip” (Noclip allows you to fly around with your character, also used on many Sandbox servers)
  • bind keypadminus “ent kill” (Deletes the entity you are looking at)
  • bind keypadperiod “teleportlos” (Teleports you 1000 units in the direction you are facing)

The teleportlos command has some options which you can see Shadowfrax explaining.

My Modded Binds

All of the useful commands to use on modded. Most of them include chat commands and it is easy to switch out the command.

  • bind pagedown chat.say “/tpa”\ (Accepts a teleport request)
  • bind pageup chat.say “/tpc”\ (Declines a teleport request)
  • bind u chat.say “/atp addclan”\ (Adds your clan to automatically /tpa)
  • bind home chat.say “/home main”\ (Teleports you to your home named main)
  • bind end chat.say “/kit medic”\ (Claims a kit called medic)
  • bind delete “chat.say “/remove”\ (Toggles the /remove command)
  • bind insert chat.say “!pop”\ (Shows the population of the server in the chat)
  • bind j “noclip” (Used to noclip/fly on Sandbox servers)
  • bind l chat.say “/turret addclan”\ (Adds your clan to turrets)
  • bind o chat.say “/cupboard addclan”\ (Adds your clan to cupboards)
  • bind p chat.say “/codelock addclan”\ (Adds your clan to codelocks)
  • bind h chat.say “/turret addclan”\;chat.say “/cupboard addclan”\;chat.say “/codelock addclan”\;chat.say “/atp addclan”\ (This is the ultimate, adding your clan to turrets, cupboards, codelocks and auto /tpa list!)

Note: All the modded commands may vary from server to server. These are designed for Rustoria 5x but can easily be swapped out if you play a different server. Go to Understanding the keybinds section to see how.Extra special binds for Discord users

How to mute yourself on Discord while speaking ingame on Rust or any other game:

  1. Go to your Discord User Settings and locate Keybinds
  2. Press Add a Keybind and select the action as Push to Mute
  3. Select the Keybind to whatever key you use to talk ingame in Rust
  4. Locate Notifications in the Discord User Settings
  5. Scroll down till you see Sounds
  6. Disable the following: MuteUnmutePTT Activate & PTT Deactivate it should look like this
  7. Make sure the keybind is the same on Rust and Discord
  8. Optional: Make two binds ingame for push to talk, so your Discord friends can listen while you scream at nakeds

Also you can make binds to toggle mute and deafen on Discord. The binds are simple to make, and should look something like this. You can locate this menu in User Settings and then Keybinds.List of bindable keys that worked for me

These are all of the keys that worked and could be binded when I last tested.

The names of characters for bindsThe characters in English/Shown
a – zLetters from a to z
0 – 9Numbers from 0 to 9
f1-f12Keys from f1 to f12
mouse0, mouse1 & mouse2Left, right & middle mouse button respectively
uparrow, downarrow, leftarrow & rightarrowUp, down, left & right arrow button respectively
backquote, minus, equals, quote, comma & period~ – = ‘ , . respectively
tab, capslock & windowskey (leftcommand for mac users)Tab, CapsLock & Windows Key (leftcommand for mac users) keys respectively
leftshift, rightshift, leftcontrol, rightcontrol, leftalt & rightaltLeft and right for Shift, CTRL and ALT keys respectively
space (spacebar), enter (return), backspace & backslashSpacebar, Enter, Backspace and Backslash keys respectively
scrolllock, pause, insert, home, delete & endSome of the keys above the arrow keys
pageup & pagedownPageup & Pagedown keys above the arrow keys
keypad0 – keypad9Numbers from 0 to 9, on the keypad
keypadplus, keypadminus, keypadmultiply & keypaddivide+ – * / respectively, on the keypad
keypadperiod & keypadenter, and enter respectively, on the keypad

Note: Some of the keys have an alternative in parenthesis if the other one does not work.Credit to videos and other posts

Please add a comment with your keybinds that you feel should be added to the list!

I would like to credit all of these posts to help me find the best keybinds through the last year and making me able to test, edit and perfect this keybinds list for you! More credit will be given if more information is added.Have a nice one,

u/oliverss24 aka Schaadt

FULL CREDIT GOES TO: u/oliverss24 (aka Schaadt)