First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi

The map making community continues to show what RUST could be.  Gruber is a talented and passionate map maker with a keen eye for detail.  His map Hot Mountain captures what it would be like if a volcano erupted on the island.  You may have seen him featured by Shadowfrax, but did you know that was only one of many maps he’s already created?  This guy has talent and is going places.  See for yourself! is a RUST community of like-minded gamers. Our core mission is to provide useful resources for all of the RUST Experimental community. We provide articles, guides, base designs, community resources, and general hints and tips that help RUST players and server admins navigate the world of RUST.

Thank you for all the knowledge I’ve obtained from your site, Corrosion Hour.  I personally wanted to say that.  Good work.  Helped me a ton to read your how-to’s on server admin. is a website designed to help people find and share the best Rust base designs.  It’s a nice tool to identify base designs or inspire you to create something different.  Check em out!

If you haven’t seen The Earth: Apocalypse or played Hawk Ridge Island, then you’ve been sleeping on the job.  Keirox made his name known in the modded community by creating some of the coolest custom maps.  We gladly run one of Keirox’s maps every few months on one of our servers.  Wanna play Rust different?  Show Keirox Custom Maps some love.

Lone Design, the place to purchase custom maps and where you can find Hot Mountain by Gruber, as well as custom prefabs to use in your own maps.  They are a marketplace for creators and so much more.  Go check out their prefabs, monuments, and maps

Rust Labs is an informative database created for the video game Rust. Virtually all of the game’s data is collected and processed automatically after each update’s release.  How many c4 to bring?  RUSTLABS.COM

Bekermelk’s Aim Training Servers are training with a twist. You can get a true PVP experience & also enjoy other aspects of Rust that the server offers; PVP, mini-games, bleach and more!  Go to AIMTRAINING.NET for more info!

Role players get a bad reputation.  But that’s because people are dicks.  Rust Empires is a huge project that’s been going on for quite some time.  I wanna bring attention to an awesome project and idea and tell you to see for yourself.

So, will you become a legend among the people? Will you claim your status as a timeless villain? Who do you choose to be?  Can I still be Raoul Duke?  Awww yeah!

Become a part of the ever expanding Rust Empires’ history.

Join Rust Empires and create your story here

Want to play rust however the hell you want?  You’re gonna need Rust Edit.  This powers the more popular maps like Project Nova: Mars and The Earth: Apocalypse.  Rust Edit is where all the cool kids go to talk about editing Rust.  It’s a plugin that allows customization of maps, or a toolbox for your creativity.  Depends how you look at it.  They have kept the old school forum and I respect that –