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“Shit no one else will ever show or teach you” by u/thaunknown

  • fov 90 – lets you change your FOV to 90 while settings cap is 85, lowest value is 20 which is the same as aiming down sights
  • printpos – outputs your location in coordinates
  • monuments – outpost all world monuments with names and coordinates, this includes caves, water wells, power substations and large monuments
  • craft.add itemID – amount allows you to bind crafting items to a button, super useful for queueing stuff in mass amounts, itemIDs can be found easily but here’s a link also here’s a link to every bindable key in rust/unity there’s also craft.cancel and craft.canceltask but I cba to figure those out
  • free & gc.collect – supposedly clears RAM and collects garbage, this allows you to make ur game stutter at controlled times so it doesn’t do it itself [run gc] anytime soon which is often what freezes it, don’t know how true this is.
  • respawn – when on the death screen randomly respawns you, this allows you to skip the whole death screen animation
  • respawn_sleepingbag sleepingbagID – same as above, but allows you to choose what bag you spawn at, you can get the bagID by attacking it and checking combatlog’s targetID
  • chat.say “message” – allows you to send a chat message/command, useful for those few modded servers, quotation marks sometimes don’t get saved correctly tho after a game restart, idk how to fix :&
  • sysinfo – info about your system and some server info like map size seed etc
  • culling.debug 1 – admin only, fun for creative servers, TLDR works like box ESP with LOS check
  • showgametip “text” – shows text in gametip overlay above hotbar, useful for some custom stuff if you like, get creative, like YT channel link after you make a play or smth
  • hidegametip – force hides game tip, useful for servers that overuse them a lot and spam them
  • info about current weather (duh)
  • listcraftcounts – amt of all the shit you ever crafted if you want to see how big of a nolife you are
  • readcfg – reloads config, freezes the game for a little, also useful to get rid of ambient sounds
  • steps 60 – makes edge[high] jumps easier
  • shadowdistance 0 – reduces shadow render distance even lower than settings allow to, useful for potato PC
  • dof, dof_aper, dof_blur – enables blur, useful for taking beautiful screenshots
  • trycreateteam – creates team
  • leaveteam – leaves team [theres more commands like this for inviting and stuff, but I have no friends to test this with]
  • input.autocrouch true – automatically crouches when it can, unlike crouching which has 2 states of crouch height it has a lot as if it was smooth that automatically adjusts, insane for crouchjumps and overall right jumps

These are ALL bindable to buttons if you want 1 button to execute multiple commands put a ; after every command, there’s probably more that I can’t remember off of the top of my head, but this should do, for now, the community doesn’t know shit about rust commands, so maybe this will shine a little bit of a light at them